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BBC Memoryshare is a living archive of memories from 1900 to the present day. Memoryshare is a means for the BBC to connect with individuals who have stories to tell about their own lives, and gives everyone a simple tool to search and discover contemporary news and social history content.
In 2008 BBC Memoryshare teamed up with Timescapes to enable individuals to record their accounts of their personal lives and relationships and their journeys through the life course. These include memories of childhood, family life, relationships across the generations and significant events and turning points (for example, becoming a sibling or grandparent, or coping with the illness or death of a loved one). Memories can be added directly to the BBC site.
With Funding from the ESRC Festival of Social Science, Timescapes has generated data from members of the public for the Memoryshare resource. Details are on our exhibition pages.

To vist the Memoryshare site, or to log a memory there, please visit

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