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Timescapes: An ESRC Qualitative Longitudinal Initiative

When Nations Remember

This two-day summit in October 2010 provided a platform to share initiatives by nations and institutions on building and collecting memories, presenting initiatives led by libraries, the arts and heritage sector, schools, government agencies, non-government organisations and the community.

The summit brought together experts and leaders of notable memory projects to share best practices and insights from national and global efforts. In conjunction with the summit, the Singapore Memory Project was launched in October 2010.

Timescapes presentation

Sharing Memories of Family Lives: The power of the personal

As part of the summit, Timescapes was invited to present a paper on methodologies relating to successfully collating memories from the public and to facilitate an 'up-close' session.

The paper explored current theoretical discussions surrounding knowledge transfer and the collection of public accounts within research whilst focusing on the facilitation and co-ordination of community engagement and memory projects carried out by Timescapes in the public domain, including the Memoryshare Project and the Family Lives and Turning Points exhibition.

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