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Timescapes: An ESRC Qualitative Longitudinal Initiative

Thinking Aloud: Addressing an Ethical Dilemma in the Siblings and Friends Project

Project 1: Siblings and Friends

In 2009 the Siblings and Friends project were faced with an ethical dilemma following the death of one of the study participants. Here we document the way the team dealt with this dilemma.

We emailed the advisory group for our project, and researchers working on other Timescapes projects, to ask for their advice: the text of this initial email is reproduced below and is followed by the texts of the responses that we received. 

All are included with the permission of the senders, with all anonymised at the request of some of the respondents. We then provide the text of the email we sent letting our advisory group and Timescapes colleagues know how we decided to handle the ethical issues that we felt we confronted, and finally also provide a postscript about the result.

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